Donations/Gifts of Materials Policy Approved by the Carlock Public Library Board of Trustees October 18, 2011

The Carlock Public Library welcomes donations of books and materials but reserves the right to refuse certain items. Items to be refused are:
• Any item that is dirty, musty, mildewed, or otherwise in poor condition
• Books or audiovisual materials over 20 years old
• Encyclopedias of any kind or on any subject, regardless of the date of publication
• Textbooks of any kind or school workbooks
• Reader’s Digest Condensed books, regardless of the date of publication
• Workbooks
• Items oriented toward business or academic use, rather than layperson
• Videocassettes
• Books on cassette
• Music CDs not in their original cases
• Magazines older than 1 year or dated materials, i.e. TV guide
• Any stationary items, craft projects, etc.

In addition, the Director will review all donations and use them as best fits the needs of the library in accordance with the collection development policy. Many donations are moved to the used book corner for sale. Please, do not leave items if that is not the intention for them.

Staff members will not assign a value to donations but will offer individuals a receipt including the date, name of the donor, and number and type of items donated. The staff will be unable to send letters of appreciation except under special circumstances such as a special collection.